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Tierra Antica

Cabernet Sauvignon

Central Valley, Chile

Alc. 13.5 %

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You may be familiar with the wines of Chile, but do you know much about the unique Chilean terroir? The altitude, soil composition and ocean breezes in the Central Valley provide the ultimate wine producing environment. It is an expansive region (almost 400 kms long) and is one of the most important and largest wine producing areas in South America. Note, the wine region Central Valley is not to be confused with the geological valley of the same name. Here you will find delicious expressions and styles of wine at an even more delicious price! In this valley, Cabernet Sauvignon is king! With the coastal influence from the South Pacific Ocean to the right and the Andes towering presence to the left, stuck in the middle is the blueprint for perfect grape growing conditions. The Humbolt Current keeps the region cool with its icy winds, preventing the grapes from ripening too quickly. This is a playful wine, displaying excellent winemaking techniques. Drink now at 18 C.


Deep, red apple core, with a bit of burgundy around the edges.


Jammy aromas of raspberry and blueberry, spiked with a bit of peppery spice. The bold aromatics build and evolve, further offering notes of antique chest, dried florals and roasted cherry tomatoes - adding some rustic personality.


Medium bodied with a rich presence on the palate, delivering drying tannins and cleansing acidity. Fruit flavours are earthy and slightly bitter, with plum skin, currants and wild cherry. The flavours are more tart, offering a different perspective from the ripe aromas. The peppery undertone continues, and delivers layers of flavours.


Fire up the grill and whip up some steak fajitas. Or for a vegetarian option, stuffed peppers with a rice filling and some kick.

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