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Joffre e Hijas Premium



Joffre e Hijas Premium


Mendoza, Argentina

Alc. 14.5 %

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Raúl Jofré founded RJ Viñedos in 1998, amid Argentina's breathtaking landscape. However, Raúl's journey throughout the world of wine actually began in the 19th century, with his great grandparents who were dedicated viticulturists in Southern France. Under the careful teachings of Raúl's grandparents, he enthusiastically learned about the family business as a child in Argentina, discovering a great love for viticulture. After dedicating many years to a successful business career, he decided to reconnect with his roots, and Bodega RJ Viñedos was born.

Raúl's focus remains on what he describes as his two greatest passions - wine and his daughters, whom he refers to as his "four stars". His passions are best symbolized by the creation of Joffre e Hijas (Joffré and his daughters) produced with the intention of conveying the family's commitment to the consumer to provide "wines that are produced with absolute dedication and artisanal care". Enjoy within 2 years at 18 C.


Deep, dark core showing more burgundy than red, with a touch of brick around the edges.


A myriad of sweet, savoury and spicy flavours, showcasing impressive complexity. The fruity base is ripe with black currant and plum that are potent and stewed. Balsamic glaze, molasses and figs show aged qualities. Toasted walnut, pepper, and a hint of graphite give earthy and herbal notes.


Peppered dark fruits with a hint of vanilla are most prominent, added richness comes from a berry compote. There are tart notes of bing cherries helping to keep the palate in-check, balancing the sweet fruits. More bitter parts of the fruit, like plum skins, add to the balancing act. The tannins are sandy and light and the acidity is ample. Light remnants of oak are found through the finish.


This would pair well with slow roasted meats and slow braises. Ribs would be the ultimate pairing, with a sweet and spicy sauce and char from the BBQ.

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