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Old Hands Roble



14 Alcohol


New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in September 2017 packages but is back by popular demand! Trying new wines and exploring new varietals and regions can be intimidating, maybe even overwhelming. For this reason, we like to use more familiar wines to help draw comparisons to the new wine you are trying. For example, Monastrell is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon; they are both full bodied and rich, while offering bold flavours of dark fruits and rustic-earthiness. Monastrell (aka Mourvedre in France and sometimes in the US & Australia) can be a more affordable replacement to your go-to Cab. From Spain, Monastrell bursts with blackberry and blueberry, and even notes of purple flowers and sandy earth. Old Hands is a 100% organic, hand-harvested Monastrell, grown in vineyards of sand and silt soil. Winemaker, Pedro José Azorín Soriano employs cold maceration, which helps to maintain fresh fruit flavours and cleaner aromatics. Four months in oak adds tannin, softens the body and infuses light oak flavours. Chill to 18C and enjoy within 2 years.

How it looks

Dark plum core with magenta edges. Heavy, coloured legs slowly drip down - we call this a glass stainer!

How it smells

You may like the aromas of this wine even more than the taste! We find heavenly notes coffee beans, dried herbs, cocoa dust, fig and vanilla; over-ripe blueberries, blackberries and even some tart currants.

How it tastes

The tannins are what you feel as 'grip' or sandy texture in your mouth; they are pleasant and strong here. Good acidity is what keeps your cheeks salivating, cleansing the palate of all the heavy flavours. Full-bodied with a simplified flavour profile, focusing on brambly fruit, violet, vanilla, light oak and dry raisin toast. The finish is long, showcasing the fruit and florals with a bit of rugged minerality.

Recommended food pairing

Tannic wines like Monastrell need rich foods to create balance. The BBQ is your friend, and we enjoy gamey flavours with our Monastrell such as venison, elk or lamb.

2015Old Hands Roble

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