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Cellers Sant Rafel Joana

Grenache, Merlot

Montsant, Catalonia

14 Alcohol


New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in September 2017 packages but is back by popular demand!

Cellers Sant Rafel is owned by husband and wife duo, Xavier Peñas and Pilar Just. Xavier grew up in Montsant, surrounded by the vineyards and winemaking co-op. Montsant is a region that has been producing wine for centuries, but just received DO status in 2001. He returned to his roots in 1997, after studying in Barcelona. The winery truly is a family affair, with even the kids getting involved in the vineyards. Cellers Sant Rafel has two different labels, Joana and Solpost. The Joana line is named after their daughter and the wines are supposed to mimic "youth and happiness."

Both the Joana and Joana Selecció were featured in September WineCollective packages. These two wines are new to Canada and were sourced specifically for our members - you are one of the first few to enjoy these wines in Canada! We are proud to have found such great wines from Montsant and are excited to share them with you. Visit the WineCollective blog for more information about the winery and our trip to Spain. Enjoy within the next year, chill to 16C.

How it looks

Glimmering cherry red.

How it smells

It is hard not to compare the contents of the bottle to the beautiful label, but the packaging does emote the feeling of the wine. There are aromas of spring time, tart berries, fresh florals, bits of spice and pebbles after a rain.

How it tastes

Majority of the blend is Grenache, with about a third Merlot. Grenache is one of two main red varietals in Montsant, the other is Carignan. The introduction of international grapes, like Merlot, puts a modern spin on classic wines. Joana is plush and soft on the tongue, slick tannin and popping acidity. Solid structure and medium bodied, carrying fresh and lively red fruit flavours with hints of crushed violet and a mineral finish.

Recommended food pairing

Local Catalonian dishes will never disappoint and the freshness of Joana would pair well with grilled chicken, hard Spanish cheeses, or simply on its own.

2016Cellers Sant Rafel Joana

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