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Domaine Brunet

Cabernet Franc

Chinon, Touraine, Loire

13 Alcohol


Looking for the white label Domaine Brunet from your package? Don’t worry this is the same wine with a new label, but same great vintage!

The region of Chinon is dedicated to the production of Cabernet Franc. Small amounts of Chenin Blanc are also grown here (just a few percent of total production), but the area really shines with the deep, tannic and leafy Cabernet Franc. Cab Franc has a deep history and is credited with many varietals we now enjoy today. It was crossed with Sauvignon Blanc, creating Cabernet Sauvignon, and also has DNA linkage to Merlot. Back in the 1700's, in the Loire region, Cabernet Franc was known as 'Bouchet'. With its home in France, today Cab Franc is a key component in prominent Bordeaux wines, it is also found globally from Chile to Canada, and almost everywhere in between.

The appellation of Chinon is found in the larger region of Touraine, in the Loire Valley. It is located along the Vienne River, a tributary of the Loire. This specific area is centred around the town of the same name, where wine has been produced for centuries. Enjoy this year at 17 C.

How it looks

Medium dark, jewel toned ruby.

How it smells

Warm and rustic notes of red cherry, pebbles, cedar, dried grasses and sunshine. This wine brings us to summer days in a vineyard with hillsides of wild herbs, wild brush and brambly berries. Pops of peppery spice blow off and are replaced with violets and dark floral notes.

How it tastes

Medium bodied and easy, this wine flows through the palate effortlessly. Dry, with slightly rugged tannins that are balanced by unexpected fresh berry notes. Medium acidity is fresh, without taking any attention away from tart cherry, strawberry and raspberry. The herbacious flavours we are looking for are reserved and lay lightly behind the fruit and neutral oak.

Recommended food pairing

Rich in character, but very quaffable, we will reach for this bottle to elevate our simplest meals. Try a tomato and basil flatbread, or turkey burgers with parmesan.

2014Domaine Brunet

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