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Le Jaja de Jau



13 Alcohol


We think you will find the label of this wine as interesting as we do! "Jaja" is an old French slang word for a glass of wine. The producer of this wine is Chateau de Jau. Translated, the label of 'Le Jaja de Jau' is quite literally telling you to have "the glass of wine from Jau". And we thought it was just a pretty bottle! Chateau de Jau is located along the French Mediterranean coast of Languedoc-Roussillon and was built in 1789. The property has a complex arrangement of soils allowing for many different types of grapes to thrive. If you are a fan of Sauvignon Blanc you may have just found your new favourite grape varietal! Vermentino has a more complex taste than Sauvignon Blanc because of its phenols, which give the wine its flavours, colour and mouthfeel. Vermentino is most widely grown on the Italian island of Sardinia, with France's production of the grape coming close behind. This bottle should be enjoyed within the year and served at 8 C.

How it looks

Clear, with the colouring of Golden Delicious apple skin, from core to rim.

How it smells

Boasting aromas of barely ripened green pear with a hint of lime. Subtle scents of apple and pink grapefruit, with the crushed rock scent that is classic to the Vermentino varietal. As the wine warms, scents will become stronger.

How it tastes

Vermentino is a light-bodied wine, but we are sometimes shocked by its complexity. We like to think of this varietal as being a big dog in a small dog's body. We found the consistent tart apple and green pear took the lead on our taste buds. On the finish, look for Vermentino's classic green almond profile that leaves a slight saltiness, like a kiss from the ocean. The texture is interesting, as it is dry, but has a slight oily viscosity.

Recommended food pairing

All things seafood! Fish tacos with a liberal helping of cilantro, or calamari with tzatziki (don't be shy with the garlic), or flakey crab cakes.

2016Le Jaja de Jau

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