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Valioso Brut

Pardina, Eva

Castilla La Mancha

11.5 Alcohol


Valioso tells the story of a Spanish knight who spent his gold earnings on vines to produce his own wine, which he named Valioso or 'Valuable'. The legend is set near the town of Málaga, on the southern coast of Spain. An ancient city, Málaga is over 2,800 years old and home to many legends, this is one of the many wines that honour them. There are a few ways to make a sparkling wine, the simplest way by which to categorize them is whether the bubbles were created in, our out of the bottle. Secondary fermentation occurs inside the individual bottles of Champagne or traditional method wines, while the tank or charmat method produces bubbles in large vessels prior to bottling. There are reasons for both methods, each producing very different styles at different costs. Charmat method is used in most Prosecco, and here, you can detect this winemaking technique through clean, expressive, citrus and tropical notes, vivacious bubbles, and good acidity. Drink today at 6 C.

How it looks

Light, sunshine yellow with continuous bubbles that are delicate and airy.

How it smells

A combination of orange creamsicle and crisp, crunchy green apples play with ripe and tart flavours. The aromas are lightly sweet, with pear water and faint floral notes. Pardina, aka Cayetana Blanca, used most often for Brandy, has neutral, light stone fruit aromas.

How it tastes

The freshness continues with more juicy green apples and an added pop of pineapple-like acidity. Like the nose, the flavours are crisp, clean and refreshing. There are no yeast, dough or biscuit notes coming through, like what we would find with traditional method wines. We can infer that this is a tank/charmat method because of the spritzy bubbles and clean palate. The popping effervescence is sharp on the tongue, and the finish lingers with a dry minerality. Perfect for enjoying during sunny, springtime days.

Recommended food pairing

A Spanish seaside fare of shellfish and marinated vegetables. Everything from scallops, grilled octopus, fried oysters and shrimp. Calabrian peppers marinated in the finest oil are a rich and flavourful pairing.

NVValioso Brut

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