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Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec

Margaret River

14 Alcohol


Xanadu is a true pioneer of the Margaret River wine region and is also one of the region’s most a highly-awarded wineries. Established by Dr. John Lagan, an Irishman who arrived in Margaret River in 1968, planting his first vines in 1977. Lovers of literature will remember Xanadu as Samuel Coleridge’s mysterious, idyllic, exotic city; home of Kubla Khan. Dr. Lagan drew parallels between Coleridge’s visions of utopia and his newly adopted home, and thus Xanadu was born. True to its poetic namesake, Xanadu is in an idyllic setting where the now 65 hectares of vines on the original estate flourish in the rich, free draining gravel soils. Four km from the Western Australia coastline where the unique maritime climate brings an abundant water supply and forests of magnificent marri trees protecting the vines. Predominantly estate-grown fruit from Xanadu’s Boodjidup Vineyard in the Wallcliffe sub-region. Exmoor is only available outside of BC via WineCollective! Serve at 18 C by 2020.

How it looks

Dark, royal red with jewel toned reflections.

How it smells

Ripe, dark berries, like currants, chokecherries and brambly fruits. Juicier black plums give a perceived sweetness and elevate the bright fruit profile. There are also notes of spicy, toasted oak and vanilla bean.

How it tastes

The Mediterranean climate offers a perfect grape growing environment. The wine was aged in barrel for 14 months in French oak barriques, of which 20% was new oak. The wine is plump and lush with wild, dark berries and rustic forest notes. There are warming and exotic notes of cassis and chocolate. The full body is overflowing with fruit notes, balanced by finely integrated tannins and solid acidity.

Recommended food pairing

Our go-to decadent wine for the ultimate cheese pairing. With a bit of age comes more complexity and refinement. From aged cheddar to sharp Stilton.

2014Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon

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