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Cabernet Sauvignon

Comté Tolosan

12 Alcohol


Within the three classifications of French wine, there are many factors that are considered and regulated; including region, varietal, production method, growing conditions and quality. Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) wines belong to specific regions; they are classified within a hierarchy. Indication Geographique Protégée (IGP) or Vin de Pays (VDP) wines come from larger regions with less restrictions, allowing winemakers freedom to produce high quality and affordable wines from preferred varietals and methods. Tradition plays such an essential part in governing wine classification, that some international grape varietals are not allowed under AOP classification in some regions, regardless of quality. Vin de France is the most basic classification and can include wines that are from anywhere in France, and may incorporate a blend of regions. Exclusive to WineCollective, Terreo is a beautifully made Cab Sauv from the Comté Tolosan IGP. Enjoy now at 14-16 C.

How it looks

Deep amethyst colour with a darker, purple core.

How it smells

The fruit profile is rich and warm, with baked plums or berry compote offering a luxurious depth of brambly fruit flavours. There is an underlying candied or bubblegum quality that is brighter and elevates the aromas of concentrated fruits.

How it tastes

There is an impeccable balance of fruit and spice, with brambly berries and light pepper playing throughout the palate. The bubblegum appears again in the background, lending a soft fruity presence from start to finish. An easygoing wine that is easy to enjoy with little effort, but also gives us something extra! A plush, soft mouthfeel with integrated tannins and moderate acidity continue to lend to a laidback vibe of the wine.

Recommended food pairing

Pop open this bottle with friends and a late night sunset - easy to pair with cheese plates and lighter BBQ fare too.


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