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13.5 Alcohol


In 2006, four wineries came together to form a co-operative with 470 individual growers, in the South West of France. The co-operation began at a time of exacerbated individualism, where an attempt was made to bring like-minded producers together. Vinovalie believes that similar to rugby (a favourite local sport), 'success comes from the quality of the pass.' Dialogue, support, communication and the ability to exchange information is their key to success. Astrolabe Fronton is produced on a 3,800-hectare plot of land in the area of Pays d'Ovalie, by Vinovalie. The vineyards are spread over three appellations, each producing unique varietals and, in turn, wines. Negrette is a rare and indigenous French red wine varietal grown within Toulouse and Fronton, in Southwestern France. Other than a small area of Negrette grown in California, it is not planted anywhere else for commercial production. Enjoy this bottle now, or by the end of the year, and serve chilled to 15 - 16 C.

How it looks

The centre of the glass is the colour of dark garnet and fades slightly to red brick.

How it smells

Expressive and complex with red fruits, blackberries, vanilla and cocoa. The scents of black pepper, baking spices and liquorice are also apparent with a few more swirls of the glass. Fresh and fruity with backup from spices and savoury notes that offer unique layers.

How it tastes

Well-rounded and harmonious with the flavours that are presented on the nose. There is an abundance of red fruit and tart currant that transition to a liquorice-filled finish with a velvety-soft mouthfeel. Youthful and fresh with medium tannins and soft acidity. Negrette typically has a fruity/floral palate with delicate violet aromas that can be easily be overtaken when blended. For this reason, it is usually the dominant or sole varietal.

Recommended food pairing

Try traditional French cuisine like a sausage cassoulet made with bacon and white beans, or 'pot-au-feu' literally translated to 'pot on the fire'.


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