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Palmento Inzolia



12 Alcohol


Cantine Settesoli was founded by the producers of Palmento Inzolia in 1985, in the small town of Menfi, located within Sicily. That same year, a famous Sicilian novel "Il Gattopardo" was published. In this novel, there was a feud called 'Settesoli', which became the winery's namesake. The winery operates as a co-operative with 2,000 farmers working together. The farmers are all very passionate about the sustainability of the land they work on and the community that surrounds it. Inzolia is a varietal most commonly found in western Sicily, however, the grape can also be found in Tuscany with the name 'Ansonica'. Researchers believe that the grape was first introduced to the island of Sicily by the Greeks. The Inzolia grape is now the third most popular and planted grape varietal on the island and is used predominately for Marsala wine. This Italian varietal has the classic almond flavour, along with tropical fruit, sweet citrus and herbs. Enjoy this year at 11 C.

How it looks

Eye-catching, sunshine yellow with a pale gold glimmer.

How it smells

Stone fruits like nectarine and peach take the lead with fresh aromas on the nose. Ripe tropical fruits follow, offering subtler scents of mango and papaya. To balance the fruity essence, there is an enjoyable scent of citrus that leaves a refreshing finish.

How it tastes

The ultimate refresher! This bright and citrusy wine reflects the classic taste of the Inzolia grape. We love the fresh, but round mouthfeel. Much like the nose, there is a ripe tropical fruit taste with some zippy citrus zest. The acidity replicates that of a pineapple, juicy and tart, building the wine's complexity. On the finish, there's a hint of minerality. Underlying throughout is a blanched almond nuttiness - adding some depth and richness.

Recommended food pairing

Mild acidity makes this wine a perfect pairing with all seafood. We love a lemon, herb and fish risotto or butterfly shrimp with a lemon aioli.

2017Palmento Inzolia

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