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Cabernet Sauvignon

Goriska Brda, Primorski

12.5 Alcohol


Ever had a Slovenian wine before? Not surprising if you haven't. However, if you look at a map, it isn't too shocking to think that amazing wines are produced here! Near northeastern Italy, bordering Croatia (homeland for several international varietals), and with some Mediterranean influence of the Adriatic Sea. There are definite reasons to explore this little known region.

Slovenia offers both Maritime and Mediterranean climate among 3 main regions. Posavie is less known, found in the southeast, near Croatia with an affinity to Austrian varietals. The eastern region of Podravie takes a Germanic influence and produces mostly white varietals, like Riesling. Primorski wines have grown in popularity and quality, producing the majority of premium wines - with a strong Italian presence. Small production, limited export and political strife have all hindered our exposure to Slovenian wines, but we are encouraged to see more of these wines in our market. Enjoy before 2020 at 18 C.

How it looks

Deep eggplant core with a jewel tone of cherry when swirled.

How it smells

Expect a traditional Cabernet nose, with a little something extra going on. Backing up the black cherry, cassis, plum, and cocoa, there are aromas of five spice, tapenade and cigar. The smokey, salty and spicy give a bit of funk. There is a lot going on for a very affordable wine!

How it tastes

Primorski, affectionately called the "Tuscany of Slovenia", produces some of the best wines in the country. The subregion of Brda (formerly Goriska Brda, but Goriska is technically now in Italy) is known for bold red wines. Here, Cab exhibits blackberry, cherry and currants, with savoury flavours of olive and green pepper. 50% is aged in French oak, rounding out with toasted oak and vanilla. This is a fun wine, served on a medium body and moderate acidity.

Recommended food pairing

An easy pairing wine, anything from lamb burgers to steak frites, or grilled mushrooms. The key is to not overpower with spice and avoid too much salt. A great summer BBQ red wine!


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