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Piscine Rosé

Negrette, Mucat de Frontignan

South-West, France

Alc. 11 %

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The idea came to Jacques Tranier, the president of Vinovalie, on a lovely vacation to St. Tropez in 2003. As he wondered the gorgeous beaches, he saw people all over drinking this vibrant pink drink, in a cognac glass, and Jacques was intrigued. After ordering a glass of Piscine de Rosé (pool of rosé), simply a glass of rosé over ice in a cognac glass. He was delighted at the chilled freshness, however, the heat quickly melted the ice cubes and the rosé became diluted, bland and lost its substance.

At this, Jacques knew he wanted to continue enjoying a refreshing rosé over ice, without losing its flavour. And from this experience, he created Rosé Piscine. A rosé meant to be enjoyed over ice, it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif. Rosé Piscine not only looks like summer, but tastes like summer too! So get your cognac glass, a couple cubes of ice and crack a bottle! Best enjoyed this summer and in the sunshine. Chill well to 6 C, pour over some ice and enjoy!


Your nose is filled with freshly picked strawberries, peaches and juicy watermelon. There are more tropical notes of papayas and mangoes too. Once swirled in your glass, the strawberries and cream come to life- a sweeter and plush aroma of candy and hints of honey.


All things summer and sunshine with juicy, fresh, and bright flavours. Light notes of apple blossom and bees wax linger behind the fruit profile of peaches and a tropical medley. The acidity is cleansing and soft, not shifting our focus from the peach iced tea and ripe fruits. The finish is lightly sweet, and lingers quite awhile! We also like the trick of freezing table grapes to keep a glass of wine chilled on a hot day.


Here, it isn't about what to pair, but where to drink. Think porch swing, beach picnic, poolside, or by the campfire, and good company.

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