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Ronchi di Cialla Refosco




Ronchi di Cialla Refosco


Prepotto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy

Alc. 12.5 %

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Sometimes we are fated to discover the next great wine through casual occurrence. Ronchi di Cialla was discovered by a member while on vacation in Italy, a winery that wasn't before on our 'radar'. The tiny production from this northern Italian producer is barely enough to export.

You are the first to enjoy the wines of Ronchi di Cialla in Canada! This historic Friulan winery was founded in 1970 and produces wine only from indigenous grapes. In particular, the family is credited with saving the obscure Schioppettino variety, which almost became extinct. Refosco itself is fairly limited in production, and does not receive a lot of international recognition. It is thought to be native to Northern Italy, in the regions of Friuli, Gavi, and Trentino. There are still questions on Refosco's lineage, popular thought links Refosco to another Italian varietal, Marzemino. Refosco, or Refoschi, actually refers to a number of sub-varietals that share common DNA. Serve by 2020 at 16 C.


A darker core with purple colouring, which fades to ruby, but retains some violet flecks until the outer edge.


Bold and ripe fruit aromas, most obviously of deep plum and black cherry. The plummy notes show everything from bright and sour, to concentrated prune. Secondary notes of herbs, mineral and menthol give depth, dimension and interest to the nose.


Again, there is a consistent, dominant plum and cherry flavour profile that has continued from the bouquet. The balance between ripe and tart keeps you on your toes, not allowing the wine to become one-dimensional. Even with the presence of herbaciousness, the wine maintains a youthfulness that offers clean, un-muddled flavours. Medium bodied with a soft entry and consistent palate supported by round tannins and balancing acidity. A winner for sure!


Classic Refosco pairings are of saucy dishes, cured meats and tomato based meals. With the softer tannins in this bottle, we like a grilled pork dish with a chutney or tomato 'jam'.

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