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Estación Cabernet Sauvignon



Estación Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Alc. 14 %

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Estación, which is Spanish for 'station', is a nod to the Colchagua Station on the Colchagua train route in Chile. The station is now a historical landmark and borders the property of the Estación vineyards. The railroad line was founded by American William Wheelwright, in 1851 and connected the north and south of Chile. The were east to west lines built, called "ramales" (or branches in Spanish) which connected to the main line. The Colchagua route was built over more than 50 years and was completed in 1890. Located just north of the centre of Chile, the Colchagua Valley is bordered by the Andes and the Costal Mountains. Estación's vineyards are mostly dominated Cabernet Sauvignon, however there are plantings of Merlot and Viognier as well. The cooling winds the blow alternatively from the Pacific Ocean and off the Andes, keep the vines cool allowing for even ripening and a balanced flavour profile. Made in an easy drinking style, enjoy this wine today and serve at 18 C.


Bright cranberry red with a ruby core. Reminds us of a shiny red Delicious apple!


Wafts of berries greet us at first sniff - blackberries, raspberries, and black currants. Secondary aromas of sweet black liquorice, peppered cherry and herbacious sage are fun and complexing. The nose is on the delicate side with just enough youthful freshness.


Medium bodied that lays heavier in the mid palate and finish. There is stickiness to the tannins that are slightly drying, leaving a lingering tingle to your gums. Counter balanced by a fresh enough acidity that helps to lift the rustic flavours that follow. The black cherry is partnered by currants and a woodsy-briar patch taste and texture. Finishing with an herbal bay leaf spice. With all these layers, the wine is still easy drinking.


Perfect for sharing, we love the idea of serving with BBQ or at any gathering. Grilled steak with fresh chimichurri sauce or traditional Chilean Pino empanadas.

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