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Sünner Hefeweizen


Cologne, Germany

500 mL
Wheat Ale
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Nothing says Summer more than the restoring effects of sipping a hefeweizen on a hot day. The style has a great history from its conception in Bohemia and was fashioned for easy-drinking with a hint of luxury. Meanwhile, the rest of the World had a sort of love-hate relationship with it. That is until recently when big name companies began to market the beer with an orange-peel wedge and cashing in on the summer craze of finding a great patio beer with a really nice glass. While the Sünner Brauerei is located in the City of Cologne in Germany, a region known more for their history of the kölsch style, they’ve known for years that they need a good hefe on the menu as well. Hefeweizen’s are made with a predominantly wheat based malt (“weizen”) which gives them a silky-smooth mouthfeel combined with a yeast profile that is unmistakable. Enjoy soon, the season is now to drink this down, chilled to 6°.

How it looks

Opens with very active carbonation and pours a hazy light golden brew that reveals a snow white head with good carbonation.

How it smells

The infinitely famous nose of a hefeweizen, banana, clove and wheat are absolutely here, though slightly mild compared to others.

How it tastes

Again, the taste follows the nose with banana and clove predominantly being featured. The mouthfeel that follows is exquisite, medium-light, starting soft and silky but finishes crisp and reveals some additional fruit esters of peach, lemon and slight nectarine. Quite the easy quaffer, this one!

Recommended food pairing

All those little bubbles scrubbing the roof of your mouth means nice fresh food will be caught by your palate. A nice mandarin orange salad with some lightly toasted almonds, goat cheese, fresh peppers, lemon and a vinaigrette made with Champaign vinegar.

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Sünner Hefeweizen

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