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El Camino Torrontes Sauvignon Blanc




El Camino Torrontes Sauvignon Blanc

Torrontes, Sauvignon Blanc

Mendoza, Argentina

Alc. 13 %

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Torrontes is a wine varietal that is known for its bold aromas and flavours. On its own, it can be displayed as light, fresh and elegant, or oily, perfumed and intense. We like our Torrontes somewhere inbetween, where the floral and spice characters can shine, without overtaking the palate. Combined with Sauvignon Blanc, we have the perfect partnership. Sauvignon Blanc's ripe acidity and balancing sweet herbal notes help to frame the pointed qualities of Torrontes.

El Camino is found in Mendoza, a region that has become synonymous with the Torrontes grape. Although grown elsewhere, it thrives and is well appreciated here, with high altitude and diurnal temperature. It is on these slopes, at the base of the Andes, you can find the "King's Highway" or El Camino. The acclaimed vineyards following this path through the foothills, are blessed with ideal alluvial and clay sub-soils, the deposits of the regions main waterways. Enjoy fresh and in its youth, chill to 8 C.


A pale, sunshine yellow - showing a bit more straw or grey hue along the outer edges.


Tropical vacation in your glass! Lots of green pineapple and key lime transport us to palm trees and sunshine. Almost a 50/50 blend, the strong aromatics of each varietal are showcasing their best attributes: honeysuckle, zest and herbacious Sauvignon Blanc, with floral, peppery peaches of Torrontes.


Continuing on from the bountiful bouquet, there is fresh blossom and orange peel that make the leap from nose to tongue. All the fruit and zest is resting on a soft, lmed-ight bodied base with solid acidity. The tropical theme remains, and as the wine warms up in our glass, there is some melon and peaches, giving a fleshier and sweeter profile into the finish. A slightly nutty background, like toasted pinenuts gives a bit of depth (and makes us start thinking about a pesto pairing!)


Flaky, light fish like tilapia or sole, baked or grilled with a fresh fruit salsa on aromatic basmati rice - these flavours will mimic the profile of the wine. Or opt for takeout, Japanese or Thai cuisine will be great options!

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