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Boutinot Cuvée Jean-Paul

Grenache, Syrah


12.5 Alcohol


Starting in the building industry, owner Paul Boutinot quickly found that shifting bricks up and down a ladder wasn't the career for him; leading him to pursue his interest in wine. in 1977, after sometime in London finessing his knowledge of wine, Paul joined his father in the restaurant business, where he became irritated with the lack of quality found in sourced UK wines. Taking the bull by the horns, when it was legal of course, he hired a van, headed into France, picked up some wines and sold it to his family restaurant. Interest peaked as other restaurant owners asked Paul to supply them as well. Thus began Paul's official entry into the wine business, creating Boutinot Wines in 1980. Flash forward to present day, and Boutinot Wines is now one of the UK's leading distributors of quality wines from around the world. But Boutinot is more than just an agency, they have their hands in the wine-making as well; with vineyards in Italy, France, South Africa and England! Out of all the wines produced and represented by Boutinot, their story and philosophy is epitomized in the small Cuvée Jean-Paul range. Since it's first vintage this wine proved the company's blending ability and helped to form the backbone of their success. The Grenache and Syrah grapes selected from the Southern Rhône of France and when blended together, produce a wine that is both elegant and flavourful. It's no surprise that Cuvée Jean-Paul has become Boutinot's best selling French house-wine!

How it looks

A little bit of a lighter red, with a rich ruby core. A cherry hue towards the rim where it becomes almost clear.

How it smells

This nose starts off with bright aromas of green raspberry leaf, notes of Italian herbs, and spices like clove, thyme, and lightly ground pepper. Hints of black plum are also notable. Once you give the wine a little swirl and open it up, raspberry and earthy aromas arise. Pink peppercorns, and a herby perfume also pop up, finishing with a light floral note of lavender.

How it tastes

With your first sip, you'll find some nice tart red fruits such as raspberry, currant and just under ripe cherry. Light and easy on the palate, hints of baking spice and cranberry give this wine what we would imagine a cranberry pie would taste like! Once you give a bit of time for the palate to open up, two sips in and notes of red apple will tingle your taste buds. This medium to light bodied Cuvée is effortless to drink with soft tannins that leave you with a lingering dry finish. Perfect for red wine drinkers in the summer.

Recommended food pairing

With a light, tart palate, this wine is perfect for a light spread of cheese and preserves! A delicious mild cheddar, with a fig based jelly will cut the tartness nicely. It's also great with fun meals like a BLT or a meat-lovers pizza.

2016Boutinot Cuvée Jean-Paul

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