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Esprit Rosé Méditerranée

Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache Noir, Merlot


12.5 Alcohol

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In the heart of Provence lies Château de Berne, spanning over 1,200 acres of the picturesque countryside. While the estate itself takes up over 50 of those acres, almost 300 are dedicated to vineyard. Dating back to Roman times, the estate was located on the wine trade route linking Italy and Spain. Grapes weren't always the only thing produced, remains of an oven used to make amphoras was discovered - the original wine bottle! Esprit Rosé Méditerranée or spirit of the Mediterranean, is not something difficult to decipher, two words suffice: carpe diem. And that is exactly the sensation this rosé can provide. This quintessential Provencal rosé is sure to be your new favourite. Perfect for accompanying the lingering sunset of the Mediterranean coastline or even on the back patio enjoy the evening. The bottle has an interesting quality we can't wait for you discover...once it's empty of course! Sharp and crisp when ice cold, serve it lightly chilled at 10 C. Salute!

How it looks

Pale rose petal pink with hints of peach and golden undertones.

How it smells

Bright, delicious aromas of white peach with fresh whipped cream, sweet field strawberry and watermelon rind jump out after a quick swirl. Subtle floral notes of orange and cherry blossom with a hint of citrus and rounds out with aromas of white cherry.

How it tastes

Familiar flavours of wild strawberries and cream, matched with a hint of white peaches fill your senses. Juicy, sweet red fruits like cherry and raspberry, alongside under ripe nectarine and white pear. A long finish of zesty pink grapefruit and citrus linger on the palate with a puckering acidity. What begins as soft rosé finishes crisp and fresh with an overall hint of ripe fruits. Don't chill too much, if muted at first, let it warm up a bit to open up.

Recommended food pairing

Shrimp tacos with fresh, crisp toppings is our star pairing! Shellfish pairings (oysters or scallops) as an appetizer are perfect too!

2017Esprit Rosé Méditerranée

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