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Humberto Canale Estate



14 Alcohol


Not an obvious area for viticulture, however Patagonia contains some of the most sought after vineyards in Argentina. The most southern region is vast (double the size of California) and mostly desert terrain, with extreme winters and favourable summers that provide cool evenings. Here, wines produce extremely strong aromatics, and balancing acidity and sugars. The intensity of Patagonian wines continue to the depth of their colour and expressive fruit flavours. Malbec is one of the most dominant red varietal and composes about 30% of the wines produced in the region. Although Malbec is a popular varietal, Pinot Noir is more synonymous with Patagonia. The Humberto Canale winery is steeped with Patagonia history, and located along the valley of the Negro River. Aging for seven months in both American and French oak, gives the already deep Estate Malbec more complexity. We suggest decanting for at least 30 minutes prior to serving and enjoying before 2020 at 18 C.

How it looks

Deep, almost black core that fades to a rich, shiny plum. Edges are pale with a thin watery rim.

How it smells

All the prominent aromas are robust and concentrated with spicy, savoury and sweet berry notes. A fine balance of ripe plums, cracked peppercorns, steak rub, crushed violets, blueberry jam and figs. A light billow of smoke, like a struck match, adds a nice break.

How it tastes

Smooth, elegant with a velvety texture, on a medium body that is not too overwhelming. It shows a bit tight at first, leave time for several glass swirls or even a decant. This wine has a vivacious aroma that translates onto the palate. With time, the blueberry pie filling, that exudes flavours of vanilla and oak, is partnered with sandalwood, more floral notes and light perfume quality. There is a warmth left on your tongue from the heat of the alcohol.

Recommended food pairing

Bold flavours call for bold pairings. An elk steak and blueberry glaze, or gamey sausage served with liberally seasoned smashed potatoes.

2016Humberto Canale Estate

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