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Pablo Claro

Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano


13.5 Alcohol


Owned by the Fernanadez family and located in one of Spain's major wine regions, La Mancha, you'll find the Dominio de Punctum estate. Separating themselves from other wineries in the region, Dominio prides themselves on their exclusive production of world class organic and biodynamic wines. The vineyards stretch across 200 hectares and produce both white and red wines, both young and aged, by the use traditional Spanish methods, partnered with modern sustainable agriculture and winemaking. Pablo Claro is an interesting blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Graciano. Graciano is mostly found in Rioja but can be found in spots all over the globe. Not a high producing varietal or one to be found on it's own, Graciano has a really interesting composition. With bold acidity and brooding flavours, its used primarily to boost other varietals in blends. In this instance, Cabernet Sauvignon. Bright and youthful, enjoy today at 18 C or hold for a few years to really let the flavours meld.

How it looks

Dark figgy colour with a garnet core. Fades out to a bright ruby red rim with a nice medium opacity.

How it smells

Greeted by a beautiful bouquet of juicy black cherries, raspberries and blackberries. Aromas of black currant, tart Saskatoon berries, and hints for steak spice and dried herbs. From time spend in barrels, notes of oak, vanilla and cedar are present.

How it tastes

Youthful and fresh, opening flavours of bright red cherry linger on the palate. Juicier black cherry, black currant, fig and baking spice are found a few sips in. Dried rosemary, oak and peppercorn spice hit the taste buds towards the finish. With a lighter mouthfeel, medium tannins and a medium acidity this red will leave you with a tingle of a cherry cough drop that's delicious till the last sip. Decant this wine to enhance the lush, bright flavours!

Recommended food pairing

Want to keep it casual? Pair it with your standard burger with all the fixings or a delicious beef dip sandwich, and fries of course.

2015Pablo Claro

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