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Reata Three County

Pinot Noir

Napa Valley, California

14.4 Alcohol

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Located on what was formerly part of Rancho Suscols in the 1800's, Jamieson Ranch Vineyards spans over 300 acres and is the most southern winery in Napa Valley. Ranching is still a large part of the estate! Miniature horses roam the property, cattle still graze on the hillside and there is an apiary on site for honey! Sweeping views of Napa Valley and San Pablo Bay can be seen from the terrace and tasting room, making it a must stop if you are every in the area. Grown near the San Pablo Bay, with the cooler climate and breeze, it creates the perfect area for Pinot Noir, alongside Chardonnay. Making Reata Three County a perfect Pinot for any occasion. The name Reata is derived from the Spanish word "Lariat", which is a rope used to create a lasso or tethering rope. Inspired for its similarity to wine, each rope is individual to the maker and the land where it was created. Enjoy today or hold for 5 to 7 years. Serve at 18 C or on a hot night, give a little chill.

How it looks

Rich, deep hues of garnet at the core, red velvet tones towards the rim.

How it smells

At first swirl, warm aromas of toasted oak, cedar shavings and anise. Bright jammy characteristics of red and black cherry, and pomegranate balance the nose. Lovely subtle notes of black and red peppercorns with warm vanilla to round out this aromatic Pinot.

How it tastes

Earthy characteristics along with notes of oak, vanilla and ripe cherry jump out at your first sip, leaving a velvety mouthfeel. Red plum preserve, ripe blackberry, boysenberry, and raspberry round out the fruitier flavours. Balanced nicely with black peppercorn, clove and coriander that linger with the long finish. Full bodied and bold flavours make for an intense Pinot, but the medium tannins bring it into harmony, making it an easy sipper for any occasion.

Recommended food pairing

Bold, bright flavours, we love this wine with Boeuf Bourguignon or pan-seared duck breast with a spiced rub. Or try with mushroom risotto.

2016Reata Three County

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