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Latitude 42° Bubba Kölsch


Portage, Michigan

650 mL
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Every year, brewers all over North America take their stab at the perfect feel-good-hit of the summer. Lately, inspiration from Germany’s Rhine region of Cologne has been knocking it out of the park. Kölsch is quite simply, a lower alcohol Ale that has been lagered at cold temperatures to impart a sense of a clean 'quaffability', without sacrificing the fruity esters of a top-fermenting yeast. It has really only been a popular option for brewers in North America over the last few years. The idea here is that we end up with a soft, delicate and slightly hoppy brew that invigorates the palate, leaving you wanting more, and with lower carbonation, this is easily achievable. In Germany, this style is drunk out of a Stange, a small cylinder glass. You’ll be hard pressed to find a server that won’t keep bringing them to you until you plead with them to stop. We are proudly the first to bring this brew to market, so please enjoy fresh, chilled to 5 C


How it looks

Kölsch pours like a light, golden waterfall into your awaiting glass. It has white soapy lacing, brilliant copper colour and a thin white head.

How it smells

Bubba, a friend of the brewery, travelled to Germany and brought home an ancient, secret recipe. The ingredients are a mystery, but luckily it is a fairly simple aroma profile, light grains, water crackers, and just a hint of German noble hops.

How it tastes

There certainly is not a lot of complexity in this beer, but that is exactly how it should be. Kölsch is a clean and simple style, made for easy enjoyment. We get this brew down the hatch quickly and are pleased with a dry finish. While the mouthfeel has some mild carbonation on the tongue, the palate cleanses quickly. The calm hop profile causes us to guess that there are some Hallertau hops, offering mild spice, some floral character and a very small amount of citrus.

Recommended food pairing

Instinct tells us to go light with the meal, but it will stand up to bolder flavours, like a smoked turkey sandwich or a jalapeño topped burger with pickles and blue cheese.

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Latitude 42° Bubba Kölsch

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