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We sound like a broken record, but Portland’s beer scene is full of incredible breweries. Their passion for beer has been long-standing and they’ve now hit a whopping 112 breweries with a citywide IBU rating of a staggering 43. They clearly have a palate for the bitter! So it has become completely necessary for Portland brewers to look for original, creative and tasty new recipe’s to stay relevant while balancing out the need to quench the traditional palate. Alameda has been brewing up great Ales and Lagers for the Portland public for 22 years now. That sort of longevity in the heart of 'beer-vana' is in its self a major accolade, and their many awards, including two gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival, don't hurt either. Today we’re presenting you with their take on the classic Amber Ale, but made in the Pacific Northwest way, hop-fully delightful. Enjoy while it's fresh, at 7 C.

How it looks

Active carbonation of little rosy-hued bubbles, you may experience a decent amount of head while pouring, which dissipates fairly quickly. The clarity is magnificent, a brilliant amber.

How it smells

The very first smell offers us aromas of toast and sweet caramel from the Crystal malt. As it opens up, the hop profile starts to show more with a nice earthy character, partnered up with fruit notes of plums and grapefruit with an herbal background.

How it tastes

A fairly gaseous brew that tickles the mouth with strong carbonation, and showcases a medium to medium-light mouthfeel. Initially offering big robust flavours that deliver a nut medley, some light toffee and honey. They have tweaked this recipe by adding some Chinook hops, which adds another dimension of nice grapefruit and pine. Overall, it finishes off a little less dry than you might expect, but still a great amber ale with a strong nod to the Pacific Northwest.

Recommended food pairing

Sharp cheddar, BBQ pork or bigger meats like lamb will work terrifically and equally match to the strong malt profile. Or try a fun dessert of poached pear dressed in a saffron-infused creme, honey and cinnamon.

Alameda Brewing Co. Rose City Red

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