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Begonia Sangria Tinto

Monastrell, Bobal

Yecla, Spain

Alc. 7 %

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We are excited to feature this ready made sangria. Perfect for hot summer nights, BBQ gatherings or just enjoying the sunset! The low alcohol is perfect for a mid-afternoon splash! This 1 L bottle is great for crowds - no fighting as there's enough for everyone!

Begonia Sangria is a delicious blend produced from the finest grapes, spices and natural fruit essences from the Iberian Peninsula, using a family recipe going back two generations. Our Monastrell and Bobal grapes are ripened in the rugged vineyards in Cuenca and Yecla Spain, and blended with Azahar flowers, a mix of traditional Mediterranean spice and herbs, and the essence of real Valencia oranges. The result is an authentic Sangria that captures the spirit of the Spanish summer which can be enjoyed anytime of the year.


Dark red, almost purple - really playful colour in the sunshine!


Sweet oranges with hints of clove tickle your nose. Red berries and ripe citrus keep the aromas fresh.


Begonia is a premium sangria fashioned to communicate the bright orange citrus flavors of the Mediterranean. All its ingredients are natural and of high quality. It exhibits bright citrus aromas and fresh red berry flavors. It is smooth and delicious! This sangria is ready to go so just pull out the pitcher, garnish with fruit - oranges, sweet lemon, key limes and cranberries - and presto! You could even top with soda water to give a little sparkle!


Perfect drink for all fun occasions! A fresh salad with goat cheese and ripe strawberries! A trio of dips - hummus, roasted red pepper, and an olive tapenade is easy and delightful.

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