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Millaman Estate Reserve Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir


13.5 Alcohol


New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in packages in June 2017, but is back by popular demand! The name Millaman comes from the Chilean native people, the Mapuches, and means 'Golden Condor'. The Condor is the world's largest flying bird and a symbol of Chilean wildlife. The winery's name represents their commitment and respect of the environment, indigenous people and native species. The Reserve Pinot is from a small sub-region, Leyda Valley, in the San Antonio province. Leyda is gaining a reputation for great quality wine, from an area traditionally dedicated to grains, like wheat and barley. The proximity to the ocean provides cooling breezes and morning fogs, these are both driving forces behind great character, complexity and acidity in wine. Milliman is brand new to Canada, with several different wines from their lineup being launched only in Alberta. WineCollective called dibs on both the Reserve Pinot Noir and Condor Merlot. We are proud to offer WineCollective members the first wines from Millaman! Enjoy within the next year and serve chilled to 16C.

How it looks

Medium strawberry coloured.

How it smells

Floral, sweet, spicy and savoury. Vibrant combination of violet, raspberry and plum. Red Nibs licorice showcases a slightly sweet and confectioned red berry note. A few more swirls, light aromas of ash.

How it tastes

We are greeted by really good, bright acidity that is tingly and fresh. The high acidity gives the wine a sharp and lean profile to the medium-light body. Earthy berries, freshly picked from a wild bush, with notes of plum and dark cherry and fuzzy raspberries. Smoke and burnt sugar, like roasted marshmallow add an interesting layer near the end. There is a touch of 'heat' in the finish, the result of the alcohol.

Recommended food pairing

Salmon is often the 'go-to' pairing for Pinot. The sweet and savoury Chilean Pinot would be best with a seared Salmon, dried cherry jam, and served with a wild grain, adding earthy and nutty flavours.

2017Millaman Estate Reserve Pinot Noir

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