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Capucine Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc


12 Alcohol


Just south of the village of Corbières, you'll find Ollieux Romanis - one of the largest privately owned wineries in the area. The first vines were planted in the 11th century, however the origins of the land dates back to about 8 centuries. In Roman times, the estate was a farm producing grains, olives and mutton. Realizing the potential in wine, the Durban-Latreille family planted the first vines. Soon after, a priory was formed on the estate and the domaine flourished as tending to the vines was part of the daily religious ritual for the monks.

Today, the estate is owned and operated by the Bories family. It is chalked full of interesting and unusual soil, including Mediterranean red clay, sandstone and puddingstone (rock made from coloured round pebbles mixed in sand/cement that gives the look of raisins in Christmas pudding). Beyond the requisites for Languedoc, the Bories also grow unapproved varietals, like Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy by 2020, serve chilled at 8 C.

How it looks

Shimmery, pale, soft straw with flecks of green and yellow.

How it smells

A balance of fruit, floral and herbaceous notes. Bright, ripe gooseberries, green apple and kiwi are first and foremost. Softer aromas of honeysuckle, blossoms and white floral follow. Rounds out nicely with grilled green pepper, fresh cut grass and twist of lemon peel.

How it tastes

The flavours open with a pop of gooseberry, tart grapefruit and lemon zest. Bright citrus flavours, orange peel pith, green apple skin and under-ripe pineapple are balanced with plush flavours of white peach and other stone fruits. A soft effervescence will tingle your tongue, as the flavours cleanse your palate. On the lighter side of medium bodied, the palate stays fresh with a mouthwatering acidity and can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.

Recommended food pairing

A white bean casserole or a classic vegetarian lasagna will make the acidity pop along with a garden salad with goat cheese and candied nuts to start!

2017Capucine Blanc

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