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Gerbera Garnacha



14 Alcohol


Nestled near the northeastern corner of Spain, you find the region of Aragón. Known for diverse climate and terroir, Grenache, or as the locals know it Garnacha, is the dominate red grape grown here. It's a fine balance for winemakers as the heat can push the grapes to overripeness in a pinch, so a careful eye is needed. Luckily, a strong dry wind, named Cierzo, originating from the Moncayo mountain, blows through the region to keep the temperature in check. The Gerbera Garnacha is a fun example of what this region can do! The grapes were harvested in the top half of October, giving them a little extra hang time for ripening. With stainless steel fermentation, the aromas and flavours are kept bright and fresh! A versatile style, you can enjoy on a Friday night after a long week, binge watching Netflix, or with a slight chill, embracing the last days of summer on the deck or by the fire! Drink now or hold up to a year. Serve chilled at 12 C and allow to warm to 18 C in your glass.

How it looks

Ruby red with a dark violet purple core.

How it smells

Fresh and youthful, the nose is like walking into a farmer's market fruit stand! Bright notes of cherries, raspberries, and blackberries shine. A waft of spice down plays the fruitiness and gives a nice complexity. Hints of vegetal character lurk in the background.

How it tastes

Back to the fruit stand! A juicy, fleshy fruit forward palate greets you. Layers of ripe strawberries, raspberries, red currants pack a punch. A slight plummi-ness is noted on the backside, adds a little dark fruit flavour. The acidity is bright and keeps the palate on the lighter side of medium. Tannins give your gums a tingle and round out the finish. At the warmer temp, we get a clove spice note which is muted when chilled.

Recommended food pairing

Try something simple such as chicken or salmon burgers with a spicy remoulade and crunchy slaw. Savoury also works here too, like a nice charcuterie with olive tapenade.

2017Gerbera Garnacha

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