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Blue Pyrenees Dry Grown


Pyrenees, Victoria

14.5 Alcohol


Never before seen in Canada, we bring you the first release from Blue Pyrenees. Visit their Canadian store, where you can shop for all of their wines at!

This wine has received too many awards to mention, including 5 Gold Medals from numerous wine shows. The accolades are well deserved; the richly fragrant and boldly built wine is a definite winner in our books. The winery, established in 1963 by Remy Martin and once referred to as 'Château Remy,' now owned and operated by winemaker Andrew Koerner, is distinctly cool climate and dry. The lake on the estate was formed during the gold rush when a mining dredge struck a subterranean stream and flooded the valley. Most vineyards receive very little supplemental water, and some are dry-grown (no irrigation). As the previous winemaker of the property Vincent Gere once said: "We are not growing tomatoes." Already with some bottle age, enjoy today or by 2020. Serve at 18 C.

How it looks

Medium opacity, but with a richness that makes the crimson coloured wine show depth in the glass.

How it smells

With some age in the bottle, we are offered many layers of fruit, from bright popping currants to over-ripe plums and stewed cherries. The benefit of patience is evident here, as we explore the cracked pepper, licorice, confectioned allsorts candies and a hint of ash.

How it tastes

Tart berries are married with savoury notes from oak and age. Cran-apple, tart cherry and puckering currant all collect and travel together lightly through the finish. As the fruit profile fades, grainy oak, delicate spice and lingering heat become noticeable in the finish. This wine is medium bodied with moderate acidity and finely grained tannins that give the backbone to the array of perfectly balanced fresh and ageing flavours.

Recommended food pairing

With strong aromas and flavours, we like a simple, lean protein. Opt for BBQ'd sirloin over NY strip. For more complexity, try a bison medallion and herb crusted potatoes.

2013Blue Pyrenees Dry Grown

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