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Field of the Bee

Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris

Côte du Roussillon, France

Alc. 13 %

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The fifth vintage of Field of Bee, and an exclusive release in Canada, comes from the driest and hottest part of France, Côte du Roussillon. Justin Howard-Sneyd is the Master of Wine for Domaine of the Bee, is thankful this vintage escaped the extreme weather that threatened the area in 2017. The summer was blissfully warm, and had just enough rain for the grapes to remain fresh in the heat.

For a winery that usually produces red wine, they have partnered with a nearby vineyard and friend, Jean-Marc Lafage, owner of Chateau St Roch, for this approachable, dry, and peachy white wine. This blend of 50% Grenache Blanc(Jean-Marc), and 50% Grenache Gris (Justin). As the “Domaine” label is specific to a wine with 100% of the grapes from their own domain, they use the Field of the Bee for this blend, made by two friends within Roussillon.


Yellow pollen with flecks of gold


Expressive pineapple and soft white peaches


Soft and approachable, but not lacking in flavour. Slightly dry, with stone fruit aromatics. A faint almond floats on top of each delicious sip.


For a light snack, salted almonds or a charcuterie board with your favourite meats. For a full meal, a shrimp and scallop lasagna.

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