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Archaic laws that forced Alberta brewers to make a minimum of 5000 HL of beer annually, meant a serious lack of small craft breweries. In 2014 the law was finally changed and a plethora of soon-to-be brewers rushed to set up shop. While not the first of the new wave of breweries, Annex owner and former brewer at Calgary's Village Brewery, quickly led the charge of putting Al-beer-ta on the map, and within a year was named 'Top 50 Best New Breweries in North America' by The couple, Andrew Bullied and Erica O’Gorman are not playing it safe. They have zero ambition to get into lighter brews and are proud purveyors of a hop bomb of malted lineup. "We've always been about applying the Pacific Northwest model to beer in Calgary." And with their signature influence, Annex brewed a batch of PNW Pale Ale specifically for YOU! Enjoy this exclusive while it's fresh, at 8 C.

How it looks

We poured one on Instagram for a visual reference. Norm-Core has a golden, amber body with a Rocky Mountain white head.

How it smells

Not a fruit bomb, but a brew with some delightfully tropical hits of pineapples and papaya that is followed with a pale malty offering that really stands out against the hops reminds of Triscuits originals and love.

How it tastes

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, sort of. This is most certainly a hopped up pale ale, without hiding the malt. To start, freshly malted Alberta grains and a walk in a Yakima Valley flood the tongue, finishing with a small amount of bitterness. There is a certain acidity to this beer, whetting the palate and twisting our rubber arm to go back for more. A moderate amount of citrus, dried bitter orange peel, nectarine and reverie make this a great beer to share with you.

Recommended food pairing

When we sat down with Andrew, he presented us with some hot chips and salty string cheese. The salt continued to whet the palate and the chips cried for a fire to be doused with refreshing beautiful beer.

Annex Ale Project Norm-Core

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