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ridge Brewing is relatively new, they opened their doors as Vancouver's first Nano-brewery back in 2012. Having survived high demand for locally made beer, they have relentlessly maintained their dedication to quality whilst growing into their hoppy new space. They offer really interesting brews, and on a rare occasion will re-release one of their well-received concoctions of the past. All of this is done while leaving less than 1% waste. Bridge has offered Canada Craft Club members a unique opportunity to try their previously featured Ambleside Amber Ale and are brewing it fresh, pulling the recipe out of retirement just for us! The comeback is very welcome and we are proud to share this with you. This velvety smooth Amber boasts a complex malt bill with a mild bitter profile and tons of sweet malt. The Ambleside Amber is a perfect summer evening brew. Enjoy promptly, chilled to 6 C.

How it looks

Amber-chestnut, light lacing and a two fingers off-white head and a tan foam. Bubbles rise quickly = this will not be cloying.

How it smells

So many Ambers have an aroma that strikes a balance of malt sweetness and moderate to low hoppy bitterness. Bridge has one-upped the rest with the addition of an aromatic hop profile that presents an abundance of citrus, floral, tropical and pine notes.

How it tastes

While the hop profile offered complex elements on the nose, in the glass it is a little calmer and more down to earth, showcasing the impressive malt bill. Loads of caramel with a little bit of toffee and rustic, grainy crackers. Again, this is really well-balanced against the aromatic hops. The mouthfeel is light-medium and finishes drier than expected, but with a little bit of a lingering bitterness. Overall we are really glad to bring this session brew back, even if only for today!

Recommended food pairing

With a hearty malt bill like we find here, we recommend avoiding anything too sweet. Summer staples like dry ribs, Margherita pizza, Caprese salad, or a roasted pork sandwich would all pair very well.

Bridge Brewing Ambleside Amber Ale

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