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Asheville Brewing Ninja Porter


Asheville, North Carolina

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650 mL
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A few things you probably didn’t know about Asheville, North Carolina: it was the beautiful backdrop to 2017’s multi-award winning drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, it was the backdrop for part of 1994’s multi-award winning film Forrest Gump, and it is home to 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner and 2018 Bronze Medal winner, Asheville Brewing's Ninja Porter.

 As amazing as the accolades are, another kudos has to be given to the creative landscape of their public space. At present, their movie theatre page boasts of showtimes for Goonies and other blasts from the past. Yes, they have a movie theatre and a menu that apparently has all of Asheville wrapped around their ninja finger. At the heart of it all, it’s the beer that brings the people in. Drink this knowing it is perhaps one of the finer Porters you will ever have. Drink at 7 C, but there is no immediate rush to enjoy.

How it looks

You can see the chocolate malt in the glass. Dark brown with a hint of amber, a light tan head with decent lacing.

How it smells

Porters typically don't have an overwhelming aroma, but a good Porter, like this one, shows off the complexity of the roasted malts and sort of tickles your aroma evaluator with dark baking chocolate, slight coffee, a little nutty character and caramel.

How it tastes

Sometimes we get a taste that is completely different from the aroma we find, but not here. The aroma is mild, and the flavour is big. Big chocolate, with caramel and coffee notes that are really tasty. This is more on the sweet side, but not overwhelmingly so. Mild carbonation carries the malt blend with a soft, silky mouthfeel and is a really smooth drink going down. The body is not huge but an exceptional example of an outstanding Porter. It was a real pleasure to taste this one!

Recommended food pairing

Can handle smoked meats, but pairs especially well with charring from the grill. We're big fans of chocolate-hinted beer poured over vanilla ice cream, and this one would be brilliant!

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Asheville Brewing Ninja Porter

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