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Luigi Maffini Kràtos


Cilento, Italy

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A vivacious and vibrant varietal that offers bold personality. Fiano is most commonly from Sicily, Puglia and Campania. Cilento, located in the southern region of Campania (think front ankle of the boot), is prime for Fiano. Besides tourism, this area's economy is agrarian based - from vineyards to olive groves. Known locally as 'Santa Sofia', Fiano is most accredited for its identifiable texture and flavours of honey, spice, nuts and tropical fruits. A grape similar to Chardonnay in that it can present itself in many different styles; from tight and zesty, to rich and oily, or even sweet dessert wine.

Kràtos (krah-toes), Greek for 'power', is the name Luigi Maffini gave his first wine. This alone might prepare you for the juice bottled inside. There is definite strength found in this Fiano, from the depth of flavours and potent aromas to the opulent mouthfeel. It is fresh now (but can age) and should be enjoyed at a crisp 8-10 C, with time to warm in your glass.


Vibrant shade of sunshine yellow, clearly glowing and glistening with a narrow, watery rim.


Shades of lemon accented with tropical zip and zest. The youth showcases fresh fruit aromas of lemon peel, lemon meringue and sweet Meyer lemon segments. Kiwi and green pineapple take us to that sun-soaked beach. With a touch of warmth, perfumed, peppery lilies are showcased.


Brand new to Canada, we are excited to be the first to share this Fiano with you. A perfected balance between racy acidity and creamy texture. We're given a dynamic presence across the palate and the backbone presents lemon pith, white grapefruit and gravelly minerality. The body is medium with a strong depth of character, but not fatty or oily. The acidity is mouthwatering and lifts the lingering weight left on your tongue with remnants of green apple and melon rind.


In this bottle, we find the perfect partner to pesto. Fresh and aromatic with great acidity - you can apply the pesto to flaky white fish, falafel, pasta or grilled chicken.

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