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Montemajor Maravento


Sicily, Italy

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If we rank the twenty wine regions of Italy, odds are that Sicily isn't at the top of the list. Partly because Sicilian wine flies under the radar when you compare it to the heavy hitting areas like Tuscany, and partly because Sicily is the most southern region of Italy, so it often shows up last.

When winemaking started to flourish in Italy around 900 BCE, it was the unique microclimate of Sicily that helped the Greeks go from wild grape cultivation to expansive wine empire. The coastal climate produces a distinct mineralogy in the terroir, due to the volcanic composition of the soil, and its geography, poised behind a peninsula and surrounded by three seas. A number of international grapes (Chardonnay, Viognier, Merlot, etc) grow extremely well in this area, in addition to its local stars, like Grillo and Nero d'Avola. This Syrah is a great example of the big and juicy Syrah style we all love. Enjoy the rich flavour, depth and ripeness at perfect room temperature, 18 C.


Deep purple, with swirls of blue ink. Thins into a dark red as it reaches the edge of the glass.


The nose gives off lots of dark plum and raisin, exposing layers from fresh, to ripe, to concentrated. With slight balsamic vinegar aromas, there are savoury and sweet notes that start to make you salivate. Finishing with hints of roasted coffee and a lingering of vanilla bean.


This wine holds a lot of flavour in even a small splash. The nose and palate are well connected and it is very easy to enjoy a deep inhale of the rich aromas while finding dark forest fruit flowing across your tongue. The rich body holds black cherry and more plum and is complemented by an earthy- savoury tone described as briar patch, wood chest, olive pits and dry soil. The finish offers up a bit of heat from the alcohol and a green peppercorn spice.


Enjoy with a peppercorn steak to pull out the savoury side, or with a sweet treat like a salted dark chocolate brownie!

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