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Moko Black Label

Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand

Alc. 12.5 %

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Despite only producing approximately 1% of the world's wine, New Zealand has been coined the Sauvignon Blanc capital of the world, and Moko Black's Sauv Blanc offers proof that they deserve the title. Using a unique blend of grapes from different subregions in Marlborough, all with their own microclimates, the winemaking team have crafted a classic and outstanding Sauv Blanc.

The unique label design is inspired by the Maori, along with other Polynesian influences from the New Zealand area. The 'moko' was a mark of distinction that represented status, line of descent and affiliations for Maori men. Originally carved into the skin with a chisel, the symbol has since evolved into modern tattoos. The recent re-emergence of the traditional Maori tattoo art is a sign that the Maori people have not lost their ties to their ancient past, despite the dominance of European culture and values in New Zealand over the past two centuries. Enjoy the Moko within the next year at 8 C.


Pale straw with green and yellow undertones. Translucent throughout and clear towards the rim.


Notes of crisp Granny Smith apple and gooseberry are balanced with ripe melon and nectarine. Hints of citrus like lemon zest, lime and ruby grapefruit create a zippy aroma. Herbaceous characteristics of freshly cut grass, lemongrass and green bell pepper are also present.


Moko Black presents a layered, yet balanced palate. Flavours of grapefruit skin, gooseberry, lemon and lime make your tongue tingle with zest. Ripe melon, white peach, pear and subtle notes of passion fruit give it a pleasant sweetness. Hints of green herbs, lemongrass, bell pepper and fresh-cut grass bring in traditional herbal flavours found in SB. Fresh on the palate with a crisp acidity, and a minerality that lingers on the clean finish.


Bright and fresh, we love this paired with anything from the ocean - like a seafood spaghetti or barbecued king prawns.

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