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Stemmari Dalila

Grillo, Viognier


13 Alcohol

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Located along the southern coast of Sicily, Stemmari pays respect to Sicilian tradition and architecture with a rural building surrounded by a courtyard known as the Baglio (or 'beam' in Italian). Tradition and modern technology converge here. The team is consistently evolving their processes, including the addition of avant-garde tools and technologies. At the forefront of sustainability, Stemmari was the first winery in Italy to receive EMAS 2 certification for environmental sustainability. Visit their site to learn more on their efforts in water conservation, pest management, alternative energy and waste reduction. Dalila showcases Stemmari's expert winemaking abilities, a harmonious blend of Grillo, a native Sicilian varietal, and Viognier, native to the Rhone but also grown internationally. This blend showcases the richness and vast potential of Sicilian wines - with white wines that express beautiful, elegantly fragrant aromas. Enjoy this year, chilled just to 10 C.

How it looks

Pale, soft yellow with hints of white rose and green undertones. A delicate amount of effervescence bubbles in the glass.

How it smells

After an initial swirl, there are bright, intense aromas of mango and jasmine. Softer notes of peach, pear, apricot and citrus zest come second. Swirl once more and wildflowers rise from the glass along with fresh honey. Florals and ripe stone fruit round out the vivid aromatics.

How it tastes

Rich orchard fruit flavours of yellow peach, pear and apricot are partnered with more exotic, tropical notes of mango, and a touch of lemon citrus. Light oak treatment leaves a hint of toasty, sweet vanilla that balances the floral characteristics of white blossoms and hibiscus. Fresh mineral characteristics linger on the finish, along with a bitterness of lemon pith. Medium acidity, with an elegant mouthfeel and a medium-full body.

Recommended food pairing

Bright and rich on the palate, we love this with a seafood pasta. Serve with a seared cod or other white, flaky fish.

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2014Stemmari Dalila

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