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Tarani Reserve


Cahors, France

Alc. 13 %

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In 2006, four wineries came together to form a co-operative with 470 individual growers in the South West of France. The co-operation began at a time of exacerbated individualism, where an attempt was made to bring like-minded producers together. Vinovalie believes that similar to rugby (a favourite local sport), 'success comes from the quality of the pass.' Dialogue, support, communication and the ability to exchange information is key to their success.

Vinovalie was particularly focused on one of their vineyards in the Gaillac region of Southwestern France. This is where Tarani Winery resides, in one of France's oldest viticultural areas. The vineyards grow on an archaeological site where artifacts have been discovered, including ancient jugs or jars, called 'amphoras'. The name 'Tarani' was inscribed on these amphoras, the namesake of the winery. Tarani Reserve is a very unique Malbec, as it speaks to both ancestral and modern tastes. Enjoy within 2 years at 17 C.


Deep dark ruby at the core, with cranberry red reflections throughout.


Delicate notes of baking spices, vanilla and cocoa are inviting and warm. Forest floor, moss, timber, pipe smoke, suede and notes of rosemary add a rustic appeal. Rounding out with subtle aromas of cranberry, cherry and other red berries.


With a beautifully smooth and rich mouthfeel, you'll taste flavours of cocoa and tobacco leaf with light herbaceous notes. Black licorice and oak are also found, giving hints of spice and earthy characteristics. It rounds out nicely with ripe notes of cranberry and red cherry, with a subtle minerality. Medium bodied and well structured, we find sandy, robust tannins that soften as the wine opens up. Lingering nicely with a medium to high, crisp acidity.


An oven-roasted leg of lamb with simple savoury spices will bring out those similar notes in the Malbec. A T-bone steak or ribeye barbecued with a light sauce will cut through the robust tannins nicely.

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