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Cantodoro Rosso

Nero d'Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon



This wine joins you from a breathtaking island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, where the rolling hills, warm temperature, and plentiful rain make the volcanic island of Sicily shine as a wine growing region. Designed in the heritage style of a Sicilian rural building, the main buildings of this winery resemble a resort. From weddings, corporate meetings and the harvest, this is a property designed to sweep you off of your feet and give you a taste of the sweet life.

Stemmari uses solar panels, photovoltaic panels, and an underground wine cellar to decrease their reliance on electricity. 7 manmade lakes are spread throughout the property, acting as reservoirs for both the buildings, and automated watering system. If their sustainability doesn't have you his sunshine in a bottle comes to you from the island that brought us biscotti, cannoli and limoncello - so we're understandably trusting of anything they offer us. Serve at 26º.

How it looks

This wine has a lovely concentrated red body with slight purple reflections.

How it smells

We're getting lots of strong bramble berries - specifically, blackberries, and raspberries. We also smell strong cranberries, with a small presence of liquorice, dark plums, and the classic oak barrelled vanilla.

How it tastes

This wine is vinified, then separated and aged independently, then blended back together and bottle aged before being sold! All of that makes for a deliciously round body, with robust tannins that balance this big, sweet, juicy body. The front of a sip is oak forward, lightly toasty, and has a sweet finish from the berry medley! On a sip, we get a lot more cranberry and less bramble berry, different than the nose led us to believe.

Recommended food pairing

Enjoy with an equally complex beef ragu stew, or a well-aged cheese for a delightful nibble.

2013Cantodoro Rosso

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