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Novo, or 'new' is good when it comes to beer. We like fresh and exciting, and with one look at the package of this IPA from Brazilian, via Chula Vista, California, we are certainly picking up what they're laying down. The Brazilian soul theme of this brewery is incredibly refreshing, and the accolades they have received in such a short time are seriously impressive. They've won everything from Gold in Imperial Stout and Imperial IPA to Gold in Pilsner and even in Can Design. This IPA showcases a hop fairly new on the beer scene, the Huell Melon Hop. Developed in Germany, the worlds #1 hop producing region, this hop creates a really interesting blend of honeydew melon and strawberries. Novo Brazil has very limited distribution, only available throughout California, and now very with limited appearances throughout Canada. We will likely see more from them! Enjoy this treat now, served at 7C.

How it looks

Golden to amber body, and a white head that doesn't hang around for long. A slight haze is present throughout.

How it smells

Typical for a West Coast IPA, this beer has a lovely juicy aroma and hints of tropical fruit, mixed with pine and resin. This beer smells earthy, but that doesn't overshadow the light sweetness that resides in the nose.

How it tastes

Up front, we're getting this citrus hop's bold citrus flavours coming through, and right behind them, the mosaic hop arrives with the pine and tropical notes that give away it's West Coast styling. There is a reasonable amount of bitterness as the hops depart, sitting beside an incredibly light malt build. This IPA is juicy after each sip, with a lingering bitterness and a slight drying that begs for another round.

Recommended food pairing

Spice lovers, kick it up a notch with this IPA. The bitterness will accentuate spice and stoke the burn to stay longer in your mouth. For the less-spicy inclined, a rich dessert like a chocolate mousse will add a delicious cocoa element to the fruit present in the beer.

Novo Brazil 2Can IPA

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