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Bad Tattoo CCC Collab Pumpkin Milkshake English IPA

India Pale Ale (IPA)

Penticton, BC

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650 mL
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Milkshake IPAs are so hot right now. What really makes a milkshake IPA and why is it currently such a hot trend? When North Eastern IPAs, the juicy, hazy brews whose bitterness gets lost in all of that fruit, took the North American brewery scene by storm, it was the clever folks at Omnipollo in Sweden who kicked it up a notch. They added lactose sugar to give us a smooth, creamy texture, often brewed with vanilla and a fruit forward objective in mind. With that inspiration, we decided to kick it up yet another notch with our good friends at Bad Tattoo in BC. With the parade of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin Cheerios and even pumpkin protein powders hitting the shelves this month, beers got sucked into the gourd too! Instead of the usual pumpkin spice, we tried to beat the trend by brewing a batch that is more relevant to today's palate. Serve this funky brew at 6ºC.

How it looks

This orange amber beer has a thick, long lasting head.

How it smells

We get lots of freshly carved gourds, and pumpkin puree, which makes this beer a perfect pairing for carving fun designs into pumpkins! We also get lots of comforting baking spices, and a faint hint of uncooked dough.

How it tastes

Let the pumpkin pie spices reign supreme! With a low carbonation, we taste the spice right away. A pleasant blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove are first to the palate, followed quickly after by the sweet pumpkin, and baked bread. If pie were liquified, this would be the result! This whole package finishes on a drying clove note, making us want to crack open a second bottle!

Recommended food pairing

Tiny Halloween candy bars, scary movies, and everything Thanksgiving related! - needs to be 200 characters - currently 77.

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Bad Tattoo CCC Collab Pumpkin Milkshake English IPA

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