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Finca Martha Chardonnay



13 Alcohol


Join us on an adventure 200 kilometres south of the city of Mendoza. Here, where the rivers Atuel and Diamante flow towards the foothills of the Andes Mountains, you'll find the wine region of San Rafael. Though relatively small, with only 54,000 acres under vine, it is still one of Mendoza's prominent regions. Known for premium wine production, the region has low rainfall, very low humidity and soil that is low in organic matter. While these may seem like bad things, they contribute to strong vine growth and healthy, top quality grape growing conditions. Finca Martha is a small winery with only 33 hectares of vineyards, 14 of which are currently undergoing organic certification and irrigated by the Atuel river. These wines are an homage to the Marthas of the Barale family. The winery only produces a few wines, and each is handcrafted with love. Made for sharing and creating memories over, enjoy this fresh Chardonnay within the next year at a slight chill of 10 - 12 C.

How it looks

Light, straw coloured with golden reflections that add a brightness and shine when swirled.

How it smells

Perfumed and abundant with ample floral, citrus and crisp orchard fruits. We focus in on a fun play between apple blossoms, ripe golden apple and sweet Meyer lemons. With some warmth, the stone fruits become more pronounced and show peaches and apricots, with a touch of flinty minerality.

How it tastes

The palate offers us something a little different, although we continue with the fresh citrus and crunchy apples, there are also more nuanced herbal notes, like thyme and white grapefruit. We are blessed with mouthwatering acidity that keeps each sip new and exciting and cleanses the palate - which makes it a fabulous food pairing wine. Dry, light bodied with a mild creaminess, it is enjoyed effortlessly with preserved lemons filling the finish.

Recommended food pairing

A Chard that can wear many hats, from roasted pumpkin soup to zesty guacamole, even white pizza with herbs and tomato.

2017Finca Martha Chardonnay

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