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Negrar Appassimento

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Merlot


14 Alcohol


The Negrar property is located close to Verona, with over 600 hectares of vineyards spread across the Valpolicella region. The varying locations of the vineyards give the cooperative ample diversity, with vines rolling over hillsides and deeper into the valleys, where altitudes reach between 100 and 350 meters. Cooperatives are common in Italy and known for producing great, value-priced wine. One central winemaking location sources fruit from many growers, producing the best quality, while lowering production costs. The result is very beneficial for wine club members - you are receiving the first vintage of this wine, and it is exclusive to WineCollective in Canada. The artwork on the label depicts Ulysses’ 10-year journey home from Troy to Ithaca, with a theme of 'enchantment and journey', a theme which can also be found within the wine. The perfect treat to enjoy this year over the holidays or it can be aged easily until 2020. Serve at proper room temperature, 18 C.

How it looks

Rich and deep in the glass, a brilliant hue of royal ruby shines from within.

How it smells

The aromas are intoxicating and addicting, with sweet vanilla and stewed cherries, and pops of spices to keep you on your toes. The Appassimento style produces concentrated berry notes, and even whiffs of prune and mulled wine, all flavours reminiscent of festive winter nights.

How it tastes

Think of Appassimento (when grapes are dried on bamboo racks/straw mats to concentrate the sugars), as a 'baby Amarone' - a fraction of the cost, and a little lighter on the palate. The Negrar grapes are dried for 60 days prior to fermentation and aged for 4 months in barrels. The concentration produces a full-bodied wine with ample flavours of ripe berries, vanilla and toast. There is a density that comes with this style of wine, it certainly leaves an impression!

Recommended food pairing

A decadent treat paired with gourmet cheeses, sitting fireside with your favourite company. If partnered with a meal, stewed and braised meats are best - the longer they simmer, the better.

2017Negrar Appassimento

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