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Rabl Käferberg Reserve



Rabl Käferberg Reserve

Gruner Veltliner

Kamptal, Austria

Alc. 13.5 %




With 4 vineyards on just under 100 hectares, Rabl Winery has been in the wine-making business in the region of Kamptal (valley of the river Kamp) since 1750. Käferberg refers to the peak of the eastern slope, about 300 metres above sea level and north of the city Langenlois. The steep south-facing slopes make for warm days, while the cooler air from the forest district of Waldviertel toward the northwest brings the temperature down at night. This unique combination gives rise to the "finely delicate aromatics and naturally vibrant acidity" that is characteristic of grapes grown in this region.

The Rabl family controls all aspects of the winery and produces their wines in 3 distinct tiers. The first tier is lighter, fruit forward, and meant for immediate consumption; the second is made from old vines and intended to be partnered with food; the third is made from single vineyards and shows great ageing potential, such as this Grüner Veltliner. Serve at 7 C.


This wine is herbaceous and light! Hints of sweetness, light acidity, and pepper fill the nose. Unique herbal and savoury notes with lemongrass, burnt matchstick and some alfalfa or grain appear, along with thyme and kaffir lime. Soft, subtle aromas are delicate and interesting.


This wine is earthy and herbaceous, with a light sweetness at the end. We find a variety of savoury notes that match what we found on the nose. The palate is plush and soft. Medium bodied with good acidity that is a bit hidden at first by the round texture, but the acidity becomes apparent after swallowing, leaving you wanting another sip. We find more dried grass, hay, thyme, green apple skin, and slightly bitter apple or crab apple on the finish.


Popular for its versatility, we love this wine with a delicate goat cheese torte! They pair together seamlessly, complementing one another.

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