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Reflets Muscadet

Melon de Bourgogne

Val de Loire, France

Alc. 12.3 %

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Did you know that Muscadet is an exception to the French AOC rule where wines are named after their region or varietal? In this instance, it refers to a taste element: 'vin qui a un goût musqué' translation, 'wine with a musk-like taste.'. Muscadet - Sèvre et Maine is 1 of 3 sub-appellations and the most notable, producing 80% of all Muscadet from the hardy Melon de Bourgogne grape.

Influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the soil for Reflets contains bits of oceanic shell and rock, so to say that seafood loves Muscadet is an understatement. Allowing the wine to age in contact with leftover yeast from fermentation (aka sur lie) for at least the full winter (1 full year in this case) gives it a richer mouthfeel and increases flavours in this otherwise neutral tasting varietal. Under AOC regulations, it is then bottled without filtering or racking, so you might see a little haze or sediment but not to worry, it's harmless and very natural. Enjoy over the next few months at a cool 8 C.


Golden straw with a pale rim and soft green reflections.


A chilled Granny Smith apple, bright lime zest, ripe apricots, wet spring grass with stone minerality. Reminds us of being in a rainforest (that's a good thing!). Hints of saline and ocean air tickle on the backside, making us think of the beach.


At first we notice how the acidity is not as high as can usually be found with this varietal, giving a pleasing, round mouthfeel. The lightweight body is in perfect harmony with the fresh citrus notes of green apple and a freshly squeezed lime. Some underripe kiwi and banana on the finish are paired with hints of wet flint and sea breeze. Let the temperature rise and you'll start to understand the musk reference!


Fruits de mer, anything from the sea! If seafood isn't your jam, any food you would squeeze a lemon over...Greek Saganaki (we're salivating), pan-fried tofu, roasted vegetables, even fried chicken.

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