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Era Prosecco Extra Dry



Era Prosecco Extra Dry


Prosecco, Italy

Alc. 11 %

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Prosecco is a style of wine, it tells us that it is sparkling and from Italy. Veneto is the region synonymous with Italy's trademark bubbles; Prosecco is produced within this north-eastern quadrant of Italy. The name Prosecco used to be used in reference to both this style, and the grape that was used to produce the wine. Since 2009, the grape used to make Prosecco is now called Glera, it is an indigenous varietal to Slovenia. However, there are contradicting beliefs on the origin, some claiming it was actually first produced on the Italian side of the border. And actually, if we really want to be specific, Glera is technically several similar varietals - but we would be going down a rabbit hole of genealogy.

What is the difference between Champagne and Prosecco? Other than that they are produced in different countries, using different grapes and methods, they actually taste quite different too! Champagne can have more toasty and nutty flavours, along with more persistent bubbles and a richer body. Prosecco is brighter and fruitier, showing off green apple, melon and honeysuckle, and the bubbles tend to be fizzy and lighter. Enjoy this Holiday season, chilled to 8 C.


Pale, golden straw hues with slow-rising, fine bubbles.


Sensational and clear notes of overripe golden pears, sauteed apples and a medley of rich stone fruit. We find honey, caramel and baking spices, and faint notes of white blossoms.


The mousse is delicate and gentle, which we really appreciate - light foam reminds us of a bubble bath with the light popping of bubbles that are elegant, not sharp and vivacious. The palate brings a bit more dimension with crisp fruit notes of golden apple skin and a lemon herbal tea, followed by pears and peaches. The fizz fades at the end of the sip and we are left with the lingering, mouth-watering acidity and last moments of citrus peel.


We always feature a great bubbly in our December packages, because if you are only going to enjoy sparkling wine once a year, this is the time to do it! Cheers to great company and the New Year!

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