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La Estacada


Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Alc. 13 %

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La Estacada was established in 2001, located near Tarancón, about 60 km southeast of Madrid. Tierra de Castilla is an IGP (classification of wine) that is produced within the Castilla-La Manch wine region. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla has less stringent regulations on production than other DO's in the region but still produces great quality wine. The arid, hot climate produces grapes with high sugar levels, which equate to full-bodied, rich wines. The region as a whole produces many varietals, including international grapes, but mostly Tempranillo (known as Cencibel locally) and Airén.

Carignan (the 'g' is silent "CARE-in-yen”) is most synonymous with the flavours of baking spices, salami, dried berries and raspberry. Its profile is rustic, meaty, and earthy. It is renowned for its pairing ability and should be a fixture at most turkey dinners. Found mostly in France and Spain (depending on whether it is referred to as Mazuelo or Cariñena), with lesser plantings in places like Italy and the US. Thought to have its origins in Aragon, Spain, then becoming popular in Algeria, and then France. Now, with a more prestigious reputation, you can find Carignan in some of the most highly regarded wines, including that of Priorat, Spain, where some of the oldest vines are located. Enjoy within the next 2 years at 16 C.


Medium hued cherry with a brighter core, fading into a more rustic, barn red through the middle.


Savoury and a bit exotic on the nose, there is a rich vegetal note and a smokiness that reminds us of grilled peppers and herbs. This garden BBQ aroma is balanced by concentrated black plums, cocoa nibs, ground coffee and sweet cherry jam.


The Carignan holds an underlying current of minerality derived from soils high in limestone, solid acidity with a mouth-watering quality, and a somewhat sharp finish with menthol notes that end your sip cleanly. The primary fruit flavours of currant, cherry and plum are light and soft, with some whispers of the pepper, herbs and spices. There are less roasty-toasty-smokey flavours than we found on the nose, but hints of wood give a bit of a base to the wine. The highlights here are the smooth, round mouthfeel and almost creamy texture.


Carignan loves rich, earthy, meaty dishes. Think rustic, hearty and warming flavours that come from stews, braised and roasted pork, brisket or other meals that take all day to simmer.

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