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Sierra Los Andes Malbec


Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza

13.5 Alcohol


Wow! We are so excited to be the first to share this brand new Malbec with you! We know, there is a tonne of Malbec on the market, from France to Argentina, and almost everywhere in between. But, not all Malbec is created equal, and like many varietals (Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir), where the grape is grown, who grows it and how it is processed creates an infinite number of unique wines. Why is this Malbec special? We're glad you asked! If you want a pure, quintessential example of a mid-priced Argentine Malbec, this is it. Grown from the pristine El Alto Vineyard located in Ugarteche, the 1050 meter altitude gives rise to a balance of fresh acidity, plump texture, and vibrant fruit flavours.

To help you to visualize Ugarteche (the region centred around the town of the same name), it is at the base of the Lujan de Cayo region, 40 km south of Mendoza city. The clay and stone soils are sandy, allowing for good drainage, causing the vines' roots to dig deep. With minimal rainfall, the area benefits from moisture via the Tunuyan River, fed by the snow melting off the Andes. Still very young, if enjoying today, decant for 30 minutes prior to serving at 18C. Or set aside for a couple more years and enjoy by 2021.

How it looks

A dark core of red and violet, with cherry Jolly Rancher edges.

How it smells

Sweet aromas of fruit preserves and berry cobblers, there's lots to enjoy with every swirl and sniff! You can't beat the hints of vanilla, snippets of licorice and succulent blackberries.

How it tastes

Malbec is a 'Peoples' Choice' wine, most enjoy its bold fruit flavours and subtle tannins. Classic Argentine versions will showcase dark fruits like blackberry and plum, complemented by spice. The warm climate allows flavours to be ripe and rich. As expected, we are awarded a plush, velvety mouthfeel and lightly chewy tannins. Dry, but balanced by the 'sweet' flavours of sun-kissed fruits, giving us a textbook Malbec.

Recommended food pairing

Argentine BBQ is a no-brainer or any sausage or protein that favours strong herbs and seasonings. Flank steak fajitas with caramelized onions, grilled corn and sautéed peppers.

2018Sierra Los Andes Malbec

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