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See Ya Later Ranch Nelly Rosé



See Ya Later Ranch Nelly Rosé

Cabernet Franc, Merlot

Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada

Alc. 13 %

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What's to love about a winery, other than the wine? The story. The narrative for each is different and unique, telling a tale of family and lineage, passion and adventure, turning points in ones' lives, and history - of politics, land, and love. This is the romance that comes with a bottle of wine, and why we, lovers of the story, become so attached to these wines after visiting and learning of what came before, that resulted in a fine bottle.

See Ya Later Ranch, although playfully labelled and well-marketed, has a an old and very interesting history in Okanagan Falls. The originating owner had left a mark on the town and region, and there are pieces of his personality found throughout the property and wine. We connect especially well with Major Hugh Fraser's love of canine companions (our office 'employs' over half a dozen dogs)! Take a look at the SYLR website to read the full story, or better yet, make a point of visiting them on your next Okanagan adventure. Enjoy within the next year at 10 C.


A brilliant, wild salmon colour that is vibrant.


A great vintage has a balanced phenolic ripeness - which means the molecules from the grape skins, including tannins, have 'matured' to the point they are soft and 'ripe', rather than bitter. This can be difficult to achieve, both phenolic and sugar ripeness. Although approachable, this is not an easy rosè: orange peel, blossoms, strawberry, raspberry, pink grapefruit, and vegetal and herbal tomato stalk.


SYLR notes that, "On Hawthorn Mountain, cooler spring weather resulted in even development with well-balanced fruit." Which also attracted 11 bears to the vineyards - but rest assured that they preferred the Gewurtz to the Cab Franc and Merlot, so the rosè was spared! Perfectly succulent raspberry, strawberry and tarter currants give the base to light notes of herb, juicy acidity and mild tannin.


This is hands down, one of our favourite rosè, and we think perfect for festive cheese balls, a great match for goat cheese and cream cheese aperitifs.

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