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Steller's Jay Sparkling


  • NV

  • Alc. 13.5%

  • Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

  • Canada

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You will know it when you smell it, the aromatic qualities of Gew are intoxicating and often exotic. The blend of rose hip, ginger, clover, and honey are rich and salivating. Here, we find stronger notes of peaches and dried apricots mingled with a squirt of grapefruit.


Gew makes amazing bubbles! The traditional flavours of ripe and tropical lychee, pineapple, melon, and orchard fruits of peach, pear and apricot, produce sweet, seductive tastes. Although most Gew shows as off-dry and perceived as sweet, these sun-baked fruits give a natural sweetness, not confectioned. In this bottle, orange sorbet and lychee take the lead, while the bubbles cleanse the palate and leave us with a candied ginger note - sweet and spicy.


Gew is already an easy pairing partner for those difficult flavours, Thai, Korean and Japanese dishes. Add some bubbles to the mix and you have a lot of choices! Post-holiday take-out, when you don't want to eat another meal of leftovers, this is perfect for the Chinese sweet and spicy!

Aromas and Flavours


Sweet, tropical goodness - like a delicious banana split - dessert first anyone?


Fuzzy peach candies, or real-life fuzzy peaches fresh from a fresh B.C fruit stand.


Sweet, ripe and juicy, lychee is reminiscent of a hypothetical rose-water grape!


The sweet aroma of the tropics wafting from your glass - you can almost hear the waves crashing.


Sweet and fruity, with a particular flavour/scent that resembles persimmons

Handling and Serving

Serving Temperature

2022 - 2027


Gewürztraminer (we affectionately refer to as 'Gew') and other Germanic or Alsatian grapes, are ideally grown in Canada, and especially in the Okanagan. Here, in the cooler pockets, white varietals like these, are afforded long ripening season and produce aromatic and balanced wines. Sumac Ridge's Gew is grown at higher elevations, avoiding the heat of the valley floor and providing good diurnal temperatures.

Steller's Jay is the home to Sumac Ridge's sparkling wine production, which is made from Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and of course, Gewürztraminer. Although we may see a decent amount of Gew, because it is so well made here, there isn't very much grown in the world, only about 20,000 acres in total. If you are in the neighbourhood, look out for the bird that goes by the same name, the Steller's Jay is unmistakeable with its sharp blue hue, black crest and white marks above its eyes. Serve the wine (not the bird) over the holidays chilled to 6-8 C.

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